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Solastalgia is the premonition of transition, a sense of loss from an anticipated future. It is the feeling of homesickness before leaving home. The Solastalgic Archive holds materials that contextualize and give breadth to the experience of living and making in this time of accelerated change. The Archive contains ephemera of memory, creation, forgetting, destruction, preciousness and transience from a wide range of contributors. The Solastalgic Archive is an evolving, changing, temporal thing.


Please inquire about bringing the Archive to your institution or community. Contributions are also welcome. If you would like to host or exhibit the archive, please write to



  • Evergreen State College (2024)

  • Pacific Northwest College of Art (2023)

  • University of New Hampshire Art Museum (2022)

  • University of New Mexico Art Museum (2019)



Abbey HepnerAlexis Elton, Alexandra Lakind, Allison Cekala, Anais Duplan, Billy Joe Miller, Cara Despain, Carrie Hott, Cedra Wood, Christina Catanese, Christine Howard Sandoval, Erin Elder, Erinn Kathryn, Frank Boyden, Hannah Mode, Helen Bullard, Holly Schmidt, Jeffrey Langille, Jeremy Pataky, Jin Zhu, Kaitlyn Bryson, Kate Aitchinson, Kerri Rosenstein, Kim Stringfellow, Laura Carlson, Lisa Hirmer, Lynn Alleva Lilley, Megan Hanley, Meredith Leich, Michael Moore, Michelle Ramin, nicholas b. jacobsen, Renee Rhodes, Rob Lundberg, Ryan Thompson, Ryan Dewey, sarah stankey, Sasha Patrenko, smudge studioSusan Murrell, Twila Moon, Wendy Given, William Lamson

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