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What echoes in the absence of communication?




During a series of research trips to the Arctic’s farflung radar sites, Nina traced her father’s path as a Cold War-era government contractor. Encounters with Native Alaskan life, the reality of climate disruption, and the contamination of sacred land informs ongoing advocacy for cultural and Indigenous sovereignty, especially leadership regarding land use, conservation, and management. 


  • Native Village of Wales, Alaska

  • Nome, Alaska

  • Homer, Alaska 

  • Glacier Bay, Alaska 

  • Sparevohn, Alaska

  • Diamond Ridge, Alaska

Environmental + Indigenous sovereignty resource list


nonlinear research 

Nonlinear Research is an evolving narrative presentation that weaves together unlikely associations between piles of rocks, military secrets, climate change, obsolete communication technology, her family, meteorites, and the need for curiosity. Learn more.



Nina’s travel to the DEW Line sites inspired a series of drawings based on historic photographs of the abandoned military bases. Through erasing the radar dishes that are central to the images, she explores obsolete technology and the often invisible presence of the US military. See more drawings.

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