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How can the culture of leadership change?





Wheelhouse Institute is a growing network of women working together to fulfill their leadership potential. Founded by Nina Elder and Twila Moon in 2016, Wheelhouse brings together visionaries in art, science, and communication to address climate and environment. Through skills development and community-building cohorts, the organization fosters collaborative leadership and professional careers defined by stability, sustainability, and breadth.


Called to action by climate change and environmental injustice - issues that demand diverse skills and inspired, motivated leadership - scientist Dr. Twila Moon and artist/activist Nina Elder founded the Wheelhouse Institute in 2018. Wheelhouse addresses a serious need in women’s professional development, a need for facilitated peer-to-peer networking and structure to guide women in identifying, sharing, and applying their skills. As we face climate and environment challenges, women are leading the way in developing new community-to-community partnerships. But it is difficult to forge new paths without a network of support and connection. Wheelhouse supports women pushing past linear, disciplinary paths to create lasting impact. Learn more.



The Wheelhouse Founding Fellows gathered during 2018-2019 to envision the future of Wheelhouse, prototype our activities and program design, and build a foundational network. Wheelhouse is thankful for their incredible contributions and leadership, and we are so excited for their continued involvement across the organization. 


  • Fiona McDonald, PhD

Professor of Community, Culture, and Global Studies

University of British Columbia

  • Sylvia Johnson

Documentary Filmmaker

  • Julia Rosen, PhD

Science Reporter, LA Times

  • Heidi Roop, PhD

Lead Scientist for Science Communication

University of Washington 



Wheelhouse Institute generated some good press during its founding years. 


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